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It took me like two months to finish listening to this one, I don’t think the writing is any better or worse, I simply started uni and I was also a bit saturated after having read the first four books. But that means my impressions of this are quite fragmented. I don’t even know what’s a spoiler because I can’t tell where one book ends and the next begins anyway.

Omg! Jon! No! I’m thinking of Asha’s own fade-to-black and hoping really hard Jon will just wake up somewhere. I think he will be happier almost anywhere else. And once he’s free he can go collect his siblings (and meet Daenerys and fall in love with her, then discover he’s also a Targaryen and therefore can marry her. I’m rooting for a het pairing so now it has to become canon). Speaking of Dany’s suitors... I was a bit sorry about Quentin but he was a total idiot, tbh, nothing else could really happen. I hope that Myrcella’s future husband is a bit more sensible because both Quentin and Arianne are total crazy impulsive teenagers and their father’s genes must have gotten somewhere, right? Unless they are actually Oberon’s kids, in which case, so much would be explained!

I want Arya to be done with her training and get back to being Arya. Self-control won’t do her any harm, sure, but Arya Stark? Nobody? No way. And if it could happen it would be terrible but as long as Needle is safely hidden away I think Arya’s real self is safe.

I wonder if Cersei lossing her hair is sort of like a doubling of Daenerys doing so and if now she will become awesome like Dany did (who, btw, should invest in a helmet of some sort for those fun times with her children where she ends up bald). I know Cersei’s a bit and an idiot and all that but I felt the humilliations she was subjected might have been too much even for her so I’m hoping something good will come her way. Jaimie, for starters, needs to SHOW THE FUCK UP. I know Cersei messed up big time and slept with other people and such but she is his twin, his sister, even if they had never become lovers he should be there for her. I can’t imagine getting a letter like that from my sister and ignoring it, not even sending someone else to find out if she’s fine. I think Jamie sees it as breaking out of an abusive relationship but well, MAYBE that’s why sleeping with your siblings is a bad plan, you know? It’s not like she made him do that.

] . * . [   Penny looked as though she was about to cry. “Last night I dreamed my brother was alive again. We were jousting before some great lord, riding Crunch and Pretty Pig, and men were throwing roses at us. We were so happy …”
              Tyrion slapped her.
              It was a soft blow, all in all, a little flick of the wrist, with hardly any force behind it. It did not even leave a mark upon her cheek. But her eyes filled with tears all the same.
              “If you want to dream, go back to sleep,” he told her. “When you wake up, we’ll still be escaped slaves in the middle of a siege. Crunch is dead. The pig as well, most like. Now find some armor and put it on, and never mind where it pinches. The mummer show is over. Fight or hide or shit yourself, as you like, but whatever you decide to do, you’ll do it clad in steel.”
              Penny touched the cheek he’d slapped. “We should never have run. We’re not sellswords. We’re not any kind of swords. It wasn’t so bad with Yezzan. It wasn’t. Nurse was cruel sometimes but Yezzan never was. We were his favorites, his … his …”
              “Slaves. The word you want is slaves.”
              “Slaves,” she said, flushing. “We were his special slaves, though. Just like Sweets. His treasures.”
              His pets, thought Tyrion. And he loved us so much that he sent us to the pit, to be devoured by lions.
              She was not all wrong. Yezzan’s slaves ate better than many peasants back in the Seven Kingdoms and were less like to starve to death come winter. Slaves were chattels, aye. They could be bought and sold, whipped and branded, used for the carnal pleasure of their owners, bred to make more slaves. In that sense they were no more than dogs or horses. But most lords treated their dogs and horses well enough. Proud men might shout that they would sooner die free than live as slaves, but pride was cheap. When the steel struck the flint, such men were rare as dragon’s teeth; elsewise the world would not have been so full of slaves. There has never been a slave who did not choose to be a slave, the dwarf reflected. Their choice may be between bondage and death, but the choice is always there.

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