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"A fistful of sky" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
First read: 2005. 

Notes: One of my favourites books in the whole world. It's about Gypsum, a girl of a family with magical powers, she grows up expecting to get them too but instead "The Change" never arrives for her and she is normal within people who aren't and at the same time is pretty different from other normal people... Only, after years of wishing for magic of her own, The Change comes, in a way, only it's way too late to be a normal Change... 

Second read: 04-08-2008.

Notes: AFoS was love at first sight for me, the overweight and bookish protagonist with an appreciation for good food who's the ugly duckling of a magical family and has to made to with being "normal", that's it, with something that is, for her with her upbringing, basically a disability (even if her father and other people outside the family are also that way it does not feel that way to them, who never expected to go through transition and get a gift). This is my favourite novel ever, there's fanfic I love more but literature wise? I don't think anything can compete, not necessarily because it's better than "The Time Traveller's Wife" or "Hallucinating Foucault" but because it fits *me*.

Third: 07.12.2011 (I love this more every day, I have just written an essay on it and I feel like I could have just skipped the other two books I used for it and just done it on this one)

Spoilerishs details: The lesbian content is also quite welcome, although not very prominent. I can't quite decide if Gypsum's relationship with Jasper has incestuous undertones or not, but I was right about the sexual/romantic one's in her relationship with Altria so... mostly I think the message is: the lines are far from clear. 


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