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"Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld

"Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld

First read: 19.03.2011

7.15 hours. It's 1414 and the Archduke has just been murdered, which will soon lead to The Great War. But his heir, Alec, is alive. He can't stay in his own country if he wants to survive, though. Far away, in London, a young girl disguises herself as a boy in hopes of entering the air-force. Of course this is a steampunk alternate history and so the air force uses gigantic genetically modified beasts to fly and Alec and his allies escape in a huge robot.

This is the first of a trilogy and you can really tell, it doesn't seem to have delivered on anything. This shouldn't be the case with an experienced author like Westerfeld, who's written really good trilogies and series (Uglies, Midnighters) before and made each book interesting on its own account and as part of the whole. Might give "Behemoth" a chance if I come across the audiobook.

Things I learned:

The Tasmanian wolf.
* Morganastic marriage or left-handed marriage, when a noble [man] is allowed to marry someone lower-ranking but the children don't inherit titles or properties. And the spouse gets looked down at any time the relations bother to admit they exist.
* The Archduke, his wife Sophie (who was not enough of a princess, even being of royal blood) their children's fates (none of them were called Alexander).

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