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First read: 19.04.2011

Sequel to “White Cat”, Cassell now knows the truth about himself and his family but when his brother is killed there’s a new mystery to be solved and new issues to be dealt with (as if he didn’t have enough!).

*SPOILERS* I liked the unbearableness of not knowing if Lilah’s feelings for him were real, especially since because of the 13 drabbles in HB’s website we know that she did have a crush on him, at the very least but he’s been so undervalued all his life that he can’t believe she can really love him. I’m not sure why Sam is so ok with all the crimes Cassell keeps asking his assistance on. I’d have liked a bit more of the consequences of being a cat for three years because the glimses we get are fascinating. Danika being a worker was an awesome surprise, although I would have liked some clue besides the double bluff that was her work at HEX. Total page turner and the ending with the hopelessly separate paths was great, although it makes one wonder if worker moss bosses, like Voldemort, aren’t a bit stupid to go around marking their people for all to see.


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