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AGoT follows a huge cast of characters in a medieval world with a tad more magic that our own, even though the dragons are extinct and the rest of the magical creatures gone to the other side of The Wall. The Wall being a human made construction far north made to protect the Seventh Kingdoms from the wild people and creatures that inhabit further north and manned by the monk-like order of the Black Brothers. There’s a number of Royal houses and royal intrigues and swordfighting but ultimately what AGoT is about is finding the balance between yourself and the world, finding the place where you belong and people worth being loyal to.
Many many people don’t make it anywhere near since this series is famous for killing off characters but the struggle they go through while alive is fascinating nonetheless. There’s battles and life changing choices and history and well, you wouldn’t expect me to tell you the plot of a 450 pages novel, but it’s quite the page turner and the first epic fantasy I have ever liked (unless Captive Prince counts, but that one has the slash factor in its favour)

I didn’t actually read it all but to, say, 3/4 of it but it is 300.000 words long so I’m counting it anyway. The tv show is frankly better, it’s just that it’s a story meant to be told visually, I feel, the images are much more impressive than the descriptions and the focalization of the POVs (which change from chapter to chapter) isn’t deep enough into anybody’s head to provide information that might not be seen or easily deduced from the characters’ words and actions.

Favourite character: Arya Stark, alternatively 9 and 11 (in the book and the series respectively), is the typical tomboy who wants to learn to fight, she’s also obviously smart and brave and basically made of win. She’s terminally jealous of her beautiful older sister, who’s frankly a selfish brat that only cares about dresses and romance, although she might have learned her lesson about appearances. Arya and her 5 siblings find a litter of giant magical wolf cubs that bond with them and made everybody else very very wary of annoying the Stark children.

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