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“A Song of Ice and Fire 3: A Storm of Swords” by George R.R. Martin


Comments (Spoilers like whoa)

This is the book I got to like Jamie Lannister and decided Cersei was a bitch beyond redemption. There’s being a bitch to everybody but your family and being protective and there’s hating your little baby brother and torturing him and never stopping even when he grows up with the hardship of being a dwarf and despised by his only parent. Also, being a terrible mother yourself and spoiling your child to the point where he thinks humiliating and torturing the woman he’s to marry is ok when you’re terribly bitter yourself about your own condition as a female. Also missing all the chances to do something useful when you’re fucking queen regent and have basically given everything up for that post. Dear Cersei: You’re not only a Bad Person but also Really Dumb, please Die. No love.

I would much rather have Robb than Cathelin alive, though maybe since she can’t speak she will be less sanctimoniously annoying? I was just reminded of how Sansa’s intervention ended up with her father dead and also, how she can’t seem to take charge of her own life. She’s thirteen so it shouldn’t be such a big character flaw but with Arya to compare her to, two years younger and already a fairly proficient killer, if not very successful in reaching her destination it seems like Sansa should have grown up a bit herself and stop waiting around for men to rescue her.

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