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“A Song of Ice and Fire 4: A Feast for Crows” by George R. R. Martin


Comments (SPOlLERS):

They switched for narrators for this one, bad call, this one isn’t bad, per se (I have listened to podfic, after all) but compared to the other one who had a voice for each character... well, he doesn’t measure up, is all.

I’m quite tired of Brienne, her innocence and idealism are almost insulting. Although I liked to see her finally fight instead of being menacing with a sword. The priest’s description of a broken man was also quite moving.

I loved the Arya cameo during Sam’s stay in Bravos and how she is still a terrible liar, giving some way too much information when he didn’t ask for it in a way only someone giving false information would. I worry about this temple she's living at where they ask you to give yourself up, oth, I don't think she's going to be able to.

I feel sorry for New!Jaimie, not for the hand he’s lost, which, sure, sucks but because with his new honorable perspective of life he’s lost his identity, which has severed his link to Cersei, the defining relationship of his life. At the same time you can see how now he is able to care for Tommen, in a way he never cared for Joffrey (although, sure, Tommen not being a complete asshole helps). I understand Cersei’s rage since from her POV he’s complete betrayed the principles by which they have both been acting all this time (him more than her, on occasion, like with Bran) but I feel her only hope would be to follow him there, to realise her foolishness and grow the fucking up, I’m fairly certain her pride won’t allow for it (and, like Little Finger suggested, she will remove herself from the equation). Also, she’s a terrible mother and I feel terrible for Tommen, at least Myrcella got away and she won’t get ruined and soured like her mother.

Smart!Jamie rocks. Changed my mind about new!Cathelin, she has all the worse qualities of her predecessor. I guess it’s only appropriate that Brienne’s morals would get her killed.

I cracked up when I realised the prophecy Cersei was so worried about and so relieved once she got rid of Margaery was actually about Dany and therefore still totally true!

Thank god Viserys died, Arianne would have strangled him.

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