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"Princess Prettypants" by Meg Cabot


This story makes me sad for the author of The Mediator series, it's seriously badly written. Either she's paying someone to ghostwrite for her and she chose really wrong or she's not aging well. Have a look at this line from a highschool jocker a unicorn is torturing by twirling him from his swimming trunks (which don't break or anything. Quality, let me tell you!):

“Hey!” Spank cried. “Stop taking pictures! Liz! Make your unicorn put me down! This isn’t exactly the most comfortable position to be in. Look, I swear I won’t do it again. I swear!”

Five seconds later, when her ex, a total douche, claims he doesn't carry what he owes her, that being, 1400 dollars, on him, her thoughts: Liz realized he was telling the truth. He wasn’t exactly going to lie when there was an angry unicorn behind her, glaring at him with glowing red eyes. Naturally! You require a unicorn to be able to tell that an 18-year-old boy does not carry 1400 in his wallet? WHAT?

It only gets worse from there. Maybe the fact that I initially tagged this as -unicorns instead of +unicorns says it all?

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