Evalangui's (readingz) wrote,

A Ruinous Gravitation by ice_hot_13 . [original slash] . [N5]


21.000 words. Was this any other genre, I would be less disappointed but slash is formulaic, you don’t even need to come up with a plot! This author tried, though, by having a character who gets kissed by his drunken best friend assume that when that friend apologizes it means he of course knows the first character is in love with him. WHAT. The resolution scene didn’t even make sense, at all. I am further annoyed because the voice is not bad, the world-building is not totally a loss and somehow, despite appearances, it’s crap.
Tags: #cuento/short-story, #queer literature, *author: female, *fandomer-written, +gay, 2013, 2013: short-story, @read in english

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