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Fanfic: “Shot right through with a bold of blue” by mermaid . [Hockey RPS] . [N6,5]


I was really interested in this AU!Johnny who develops heat vision as a teen and makes it his life mission (besides hockey but more important than hockey) to suppress his power. Only, the main question both Johnny and I had was where did the power come from… this question is referred to but left unexplored without too much angst from Johnny. It is unclear what a supernatural ability that becomes Johnny´s biggest secret and main concern achieves in the story. Having anger issues (which is what causes the heat vision) would have had the same effect of scaring him and others. I was impressed with the way a secret like this changes Johnny, who doesn´t make captain because he is no longer able to criticize others and get involved in arguments and so doesn´t try to coach everybody alive an also the way it interacts with the secret of his sexuality. Great beginning, mediocre ending.

@read in english, *fanfic that could be a book, 2014, hockey rps: patrick/Jonathan, rps fic, 2014: hockey rps fic, *fanfic-novel-2014, +superpowers
Tags: *fanfic that could be a book, *fanfic-novel-2014, +superpowers, 2014, 2014: hockey rps fic, @read in english, hockey rps: patrick/jonathan, rps fic

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