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Fanfic: “Whispers of intent” by Tira Nog. [Snarry] [N4]

“Whispers of intent” by Tira Nog.

First read: 13-11-2007.

Notes: Snarry Olympics story. It’s hard to believe Tira Nog is an experienced writer, not to mention a fandom classic. I had tried reading her before and while I didn’t like the topic (Harry and Severus somehow turned into children) I didn’t think anything of the writing style. Now… this is just awful. The sex is described as something deeply yucky and yet Harry affirms he likes it, which leaves me quite confused (Snape's butt had little flesh on it, and was rather flat, but it was still surprisingly attractive. ), er…what? I get the intent but...ouch. I won’t quote you what happens when bodily fluids get in the way because it’s rather scary, to say the least. The three consecutive simultaneous orgasms would have been hard to believe when I knew nothing at all of male physiology, the fact that there’s a repeat the night after it’s just the perfectly unbelievable cherry to top the cake. Even the pronoun use is bad, how many times can Harry mentally switch within “Severus”, “Snape” and “Severus Snape” while fucking said subject? I felt like I was missing a partner in that bed, or two. I kept reading because I was sleepy and I thought maybe it wasn’t so bad, maybe it just needed a beta(another one) but… when Harry took Snape out in a date and all he could speak about was the chicken parmesan my dislike of cheese came to my rescue and that’s how I got even six hours of sleep last night. Fandom, you're so strange and demanding and yet keep leading me wrong with your classics! Please try and be petty and obsessive more evenly, I would hate to have to doubt your judgement and miss another "Lightning Letters".
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