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Because Life is a Pause between Chapters...

...and it's Not Break Time.

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11 May
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You see it on her lips… the reader’s secret smile

And you want to understand

Or maybe you already do, you are a reader too

You want that feeling as often as you can get it

You are pretty much addicted to it

That connection with someone so far away

That is at the same time closer than anybody else ever gets

Or maybe not, there’s been others… other books

*****Friending welcome, but keep in mind I usually post using the "backdate" feature, so unless you've a very tiny flist I don't believe you will get my posts. Opinions and discussion also absolutely welcome. *****

***** Podes agregarme a tu lista de amigos, pero tené en cuenta que suelo cambiar la fecha de las entradas para que coincida con el día en que realmente leí las cosas, de modo que probablemente no te salga en tu página de amigos. Si queres discutir un libro o explicarme cómo me perdí el profundo e involvidable mensaje de un cuento, adelante, mientras sea razonable no me ofendo :) *****

Bilingualism WARNING: I'm bilingual, this journal is half in Spanish, half in English, depending on the language i read a book, or at whim. There are also some book descriptions in Catalan(If you speak Spanish you will get most of their content)

AVISO Bilinguismo: Soy bilingue, este diario está mitad en castellano y mitad en inglés, dependiendo del idioma en que haya leido el libro o, sencillamente, mi humor. También hay algunas descripciones de libros en catalán (que para un castellanoparlante deberían ser más o menos comprensibles)

This is the place where I keep track of everything I read (books, fanfics, essays), so it's mostly for myself, my personal journal is evalangui. If you want to know which way my tastes run, check out my "Recommended" tag for books or the various rec tags for each fandom ( Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis, House M.D., Pirates of The Caribbean, Supernatural, dueSouth, Merlin(BBC), The Sentinel, The O.C., The Dead Zone, Veronica Mars, X-men movieverse, Smallville, Dresden Files (the sheer quality of this fandom blows the mind), From Eroica with Love, Hockey RPS (Jonathan/Patrick), Jonas Brothers RPS (I felt guilty watching the Disney Channel after this), Idol RPS (Cookleta, Kradam, all Astolat's fault), The Breakfast Club, etc)

Este es el lugar donde anoto todo lo que leo (libros, fanfics, ensayos), más que nada para mí, mi diario personal es evalangui. Para ver que tipos de libros me gustan podes usar la etiqueta de "Recomendados" para libros o , acá para fanfics.

"Recomendaciones: Libros, peliculas & series"

"Recommendations: Books, movies & Tv shows"

"Fanfic Quotes" (mostly slash)

E-books grátis: Si hay un link de un libro en castellano probablemente sea al e-book que ofrecen en está página.

Otra forma de conseguir libros es a traves del IRC (una plataforma originalmente para chatear a la que se puede acceder, entre otros, a traves del mIrC), por si les interesa acá hay una breve guía a Cómo Bajar libros del mIrC (que tiene millones).

Books Read per Year:
1999 o antes(Buenos Aires): 20 libros.
2000(Buenos Aires): 8 libros.
2001(Buenos Aires, Madrid): 48 libros.
2002(Italia, Andorra, Figueres): 29 libros.
2003(Figueres): 26 libros.
2004(Figueres): 18 libros, 5 books, 1 llibre, 18 fanfics.
2005(Figueres):14 libros,16 books and 12 fanfics archived.
2006(Figueres, Barcelona): 8 libros, 21 books and 47 fanfics archived.
2007(Cerdanyola, London): 1 libro, 65 books, 162 fanfics unarchived.
2008 (Cerdanyola, Buenos Aires, Manchester): 10 libros, 64 books and 365 fanfics.
2009 (Cerdanyola, London): 51 books, 1662 fanfics
2010 (London, Cerdanyola): 43 books (fanfic uncounted)
2011 (Cerdanyola, Sant Quirze, Glasgow): 51 books , 827 fanfics.
2012 (Glasgow, London, Barcelona):
11 libros, 74books , 1054 fanfics.

2013 (Terrassa, Glasgow, London): ? libros, ? books , ? fanfics.

- 1048 in English(most of which are fanfics, obviously)
- 211 en castellano (más que nada porque los años anteriores no los anoté todavía)
- 12 en català.
- 1 in italiano.

"Quotes About Reading"

Lyric of the Moment:

We're All Leaving - Karine Polwart

There is thunder on the skyline
And it tears her breath away
Like the twilight steals the day

A father's kind hand could not command her
To return to him once more
Like a soldier from the war

We're all leaving
Even the ones who stay behind
We're all leaving in our own time
We're all leaving in our own time

Each night surrenders to a morning
But beneath the April sky
He can hear an endless cry

On smiling fields there's a battle raging
And for every bloom he knows
Another flower never grows

We're all leaving …

And he has no Ark to bear him from this Flood
Just a broken vessel wrought in flesh and blood
Though the riptides pull him under
He will not cease to wonder
At the beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty

He brings her mother to the church door
And while she prays for what will come
He walks those woods alone

And there he builds his own cathedrals
And on every whirring wing
He can hear the whole world sing

We're all leaving …

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